If you've always dreamed of owning and flying your own aircraft, the Bandit gyroplane will fulfill your dream like no other aircraft!

The Bandit builds, performs and fly's like no other and safety is built in from the ground UP!

YOU Can Be Flying Tomorrow!

We have just the right model to fit your personality and skills.


We have developed the superior Gear Box and adapter plates for your Subaru EA-81 and EJ22.

Our reduction gear box is machined from a solid block of aviation aluminum giving them the ability to last your lifetime. The design is simple with few moving parts and "No Belts" to wear out or "Break". They attach easily, are oil cooled and raise the center of thrust up for even better performance.
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Joe Souza Gyroplanes | 1362 Sky Harbor Drive | Marysville, CA 95901
For more information contact: Joe Souza at (530)741-0741 or email at jsouza2400@aol.com
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