Reduction Drive (Gear Box)- Light Weight, Efficient and Reliable - $2,800 plus shipping
The Joe Souza Subaru EA-81
110 hp - the latest technology
plus shipping

Our reduction gear box is machined from a solid block of aviation aluminum giving them the ability to last your lifetime. The design is simple with few moving parts and "No Belts" to wear out or "Break". They attach easily, are oil cooled and raise the center of thrust up for even better performance.

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The Joe Souza Subaru engine is simply the result of over 10 years of refinement. We have incorporated the best of the best in technology to deliver to you the finest aviation ready, high power Subaru engine available anywhere!

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Rotor Head - Years in the making and time tested
plus shipping
Folding Mast - Yes, your gyro will fit inside your trailer - $380 plus shipping

Our rotor head is made of the finest aircraft grade aluminum machined to exacting standards. All pivot points are hard race & needle bearing.

Our innovative design needs no trim spring compensation like earlier rotor head designs.

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Our folding mast gives you the ability to store your gyro in your garage or low enclosed trailer. The urethane vibration dampeners reduce the two-rev shake from the semi-ridged rotor systems.

Note: On both the Super Bandit and Two Place Bandit the folding mast is standard.

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Electronic Ignition (no points!)
plus shipping
Electric Pre-Rotator
$625 plus shipping

Convert your standard "Points" ignition to a reliable electronic ignition.

No more hand starting, shorter take off roll and easy to install. This simple design is all electric, extremely reliable and a must have upgrade.

EA-81 Webber Intake Manifold
$495 plus shipping

$350 plus shipping

This custom intake manifold allows you to gain maximum performance from your Webber carburetor.

We have eliminated the need for any adapter plates that would restrict air flow and reduce your performance.

Quiet, compact & light weight - Our mufflers are constructed of aircraft quality stainless steel and can be fabricated for other aircraft types.

EA-81 Engine Mount for Kit Fox
$695 plus shipping
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