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Barnet Rotorcraft
Barnett Rotorcraft
4307 Olivehurst Avenue
Olivehurst, California 95961

Phone (530) 742-7416
Fax (530) 743-6866


         Barnett Rotorcraft was started in 1962 out of a need to supply the homebuilder with a more sophisticated and more advanced type of Gyroplane.   We have purposely kept construction simple, but in keeping with good aeronautical design practices.   A safe, comfortable and highly maneuverable ship is our goal.

         The safety record of the Barnett Gyroplane is still perfect -- with no in flight failures or injuries due to construction of this ship.   The C.A.B. and F.A.A. records can verify this fact.

         We are a small company, able to meet the needs of the Rotorcraft enthusiast, to produce quality parts that not only are we proud of, but you will be proud of too.   We are always looking ahead, working on new concepts and designs for future use.

         Most of the machined parts are produced on a new high speed program vertical mill, which provides an accuracy of .0005, (1/2 thousands) on reproduced parts.

         We are also big enough to admit to mistakes, (if this should occur), and treat each individual person separately for their paticular need.   We have even made arrangements to test fly a persons ship following complete construction.

         Our main interest is to get you in the air, flying safely, and not just selling you parts.

         Thank you for your interest.

         Jerrie Barnett

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