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FAQ; Frequently Asked Questions

Hi, the following are some answers to questions I have been asked about rotorcraft.   If you have any additional questions just e-mail me at

1)   when dealing with rotorblade flap, as long as the grass area is relatively smooth and no deep ruts or holes, you will have no problems. The jerking around on an unimproved area can cause the rotor blades to bounce or flair and could cause hidden damage, especially if the blades are not up to speed

2)   The EJ 22 Subaru engine is more powerful than the O-200 Continental and costs less. With our "center-line and same rotation as the engine", "Shoe box", gear reduction unit, all CNC, made from solid billet, aircraft aluminum, on the EJ22 engine, the output is a phenomenal almost 150 HP! The race type, hardened gears are able to withstand over 600 hp per set.

3)   A complete package ready to run includes; Engine and isolation (cushion) mount, New engine, New radiator w/hose & mount hardware, Alternator w/built-in regulator, Fuel pump, Exhaust pipes with Barnett Airow Muffler (BAM) streamline, stainless steel and weigh less than 2 lbs. Barnett 10 lb. flywheel and shock mount drive plate, gear box assembled and sealed. The complete wiring harness, computer and components are included, too. The engine assembly has been test run on the stand and is ready to install with your propeller, or one supplied by us. Approximate Cost $7,000.00

4)   ATKINS AVIATION COMPANY, INC.; 16715 Meridian E. Bldg. K Unit A; Pierce County Airport, Thun Field 1S0; Puyallup, Washington 98373-9616 : Phone 206 848-7776 Is the place to get a Rotary Engine For Your Aircraft. All types of Mazda engines are developed there. We have designed an engine mount that is similar to the Continental type for the rotary engine. Our "Shoe Box" reduction unit can be fit to the Mazda engines. Engine mount assembly cost approximately $400.00; Gear Box assembly $2500.00 plus adapter.

5)   The airframe is stressed to be able to take the big Lycoming O-360 180 HP. The full power of this engine cannot be used efficiently unless flying at extremely high density altitudes, where the engine will loose HP.

6)   We have designed a mechanical pre-rotator unit that has a drive wheel turned by the prop hub that transmits the power by way of a flex shaft to the gear reduction unit mounted between the mast plates. This assembly is engaged to the rotor shaft by mechanism operated from a lever on the throttle quadrant. When the throttle is closed, the lever can be engaged. Once engaged, the clutch handle on the joystick is gently squeezed. This causes the drive wheel to contact the drive drum on the prop hub. As the blades progressively increase in speed, the clutch handle can be fully depressed with little or no slipping between the drive and driven unit. When the blades are up to operating speed (125-200 rpm) the clutch and engage levers are released and you are almost ready for take off.

7)   We also have a hydraulic system that has a pump driven off of the engine in a similar manner as the mechanical described above. A hydraulic motor is mounted to the gear reduction unit between the mast plates. Hoses connect the two units together. The high pressure hose has a by-pass valve that allows the hydraulic oil to be routed into a small reservoir tank. The tank is mounted an the mast back. Operation is basically the same as the mechanical, except after the engage lever is activated, the clutch lever can be fully depressed, because the clutch action is done by the by-pass valve. As the valve is closed off, oil is directed to the motor and the rotor blades start turning progressively faster, until they reach operating speed. The engage lever is moved forward to disengage the drive shaft. The clutch handle is released and the by-pass valve is opened. You are about ready for take off.

8)   Both of these assemblies are START & STOP. This means that after you have landed and shut down the engine, you engage the rotor shaft lever and gently squeeze the clutch handle, or close the by-pass valve on the hydraulic unit, this causes a reversing action which is trying to turn the engine and brings the blades to a controlled stop. Approximate cost $1250.00 for mechanical. $1500.00 for the hydraulic assembly.

9)   The new J4B2T is the latest design, for flight training, from Barnett Rotor Craft Co. It is side by side seating arrangement with dual, synchronized rudder pedals (7 3/4" adjustment), three throttle levers, (left, right, center), dual joysticks, full instrument panel AND very comfortable seating. The visibility is exceptional by the use of a one piece windshield from the apex of the nose, to the top front of the cabin overhead. This is an 18% decrease in drag and side area. Large, good visibility doors are on each side and open from rear for easy and safe entry and exiting Flight training will be available here and many places around the world in the Barnett J4B2T.

10)   The price sheet you received with your information packet and/or video, are the latest ones out, but as can be expected, they are subject to change without notice. Generally speaking, prices are stable for about 6 months. New price sheets will be sent out as they are printed.


Jerrie Barnett, President. '96

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