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Engines Links(s)
www.sdsefi.com/ A programmable engine management system like the SDS EM-3 series allows the precise changing of fuel delivery and ignition timing according to the individual requirements of the particular application.
Gyro Links(s)
akairplanemaintenance.com prop and rotor balancing with chadwicl helmuth 2000 prop balancer
autogiro.be Site for European gyronuts - in English, French and Dutch. With splendid movies!
Ron Roach
Ron A BeVelle
tbodell2000.com any print out plans on gyro copters
terry smith
www.aircommand.com Home Site for the most popular Gyro in the US
www.fourlane.com/brundidge/ace.htm One Nation Under God with Liberty and Justice for All.
David G. Holmes
www.geocities.com/gyromaniac2001/index.html Just for fun, my site ...
Dave Reich
www.geocities.com/lwb47 Rotor head plans, pitch block drawings and other info. Links to other sites.
Lee Barrett
www.geocities.com/wf1uk Info on building a gyro glider in the U.K. Has info on building rudder pedals and control stick. Photos and drawings on site.
John Price
www.mindspring.com/~rv6dd I have links to several manufacturers, pictures of various gyros, a trailer for carrying the rotor without taking them apart, and links to several FAA sites. Fly Safe.
Dave DeWinter
Helicopter Links(s)
News Groups
glenn young
members.aol.com/airkrft Rotorway Helicopter construction, sales, service, and general information.
Brooks Cooley
www.acclaimappraisals.com This company offers aircraft appraisal and brokerage services.
www.acehelicopter.com Safari Helicopter Kit. Also known as the Baby Belle Helicopter Kit. Two Seat wide. 160 Hp. Lycoming Aircraft engine.
Gary Assels
www.acro.ca Repair and overhaul for broad variety of helicopter components, turboshaft engines, drive train components, hydraulic and electrical system components, and complete helicopters.
za-6 sanka
www.cicarehelic-cjb.net SVH-3 helicopter trainer.
Guillermo A. Carabajal
www.coptercovers.com specialist helicopter cover manufacturer. Using the latest technology in lightweight waterproof and breathable fabric that exceed european standards for waterproofness
scott parker
www.egengine.com look at it.
Sarah Scachter
Keijo Korkiakoski
www.homestead.com/johnrahn/exec162f.html It is a site that shows the progress of building the RotorWay ACIS Exec162F. Lots of good information for the builder.
John Rahn
www.rotor.com/ The Helicopter Association International (HAI) is a non-profit, professional trade association of over 1,400 member organizations from 70 nations. Since 1948, HAI has been dedicated to promoting the helicopter as a safe and efficient method of transportation, and to theadvancement of the civil helicopter industry.
Norman Helberg
www.synchrolite.com/ The following pages outline the design and manufacturing of a helicopter that is intended to overcome some of the operational and regulatory limitations of conventional helicopters.
Norman Helberg
www.synchrolite.com/WebSites.html A collection of web sites related to the technical aspects of helicopters.
Norman Helberg
Organizations Links(s)
galsaero.al.ru Moscow "Gals" Airclub is the main rotor kits operator in Russia. We assemble&sell Exec162F kits, flown them, teaching to fly them.
Alex L. Sidorov
Other Aviation Related Links(s)
av8r.members.atlantic.net General Ultralight and homebuilt aviation site with free classifieds
www.aircraft-glare-shield.com Reduce sun glare from top of instrument panel. The Glare Shield will "up-grade" the interior of your aircraft. Lighting available.
R Dom
www.b-n-senterprises.com Supplier of T-Shirts, Patches, Tie Pin, Hats, Petwer Pins, Jewelry, aero-glassesware. Please look at our web site for more. Thank you, Jim - Lena - Don - Jennifer
Don Templeton
www.browntool.com Mail order supplier of aircraft sheetmetal working tools including specialty hand, air, and cutting tools.
Michael Brown
www.cartercopters.com A site to watch the progress of the Carter Copter as it gets ready to hit MU 1.
Kenneth Hibbs
www.finitesite.com/acraft Air'Zona Aircraft. F.B.O. Kingman Airport. Excellent aircraft service for your aircraft. 24 hr. Self Serve Fuel. Credit card accepted. 100 LL, jet A.
R Dom
www.internetage.com/rotorcraft/ Rotorcraft/Vtol Interest Page. New craft, Historic Craft, Future Craft, Unusual Craft, Unusual Events, etc: etc:
Doug Marker
www.kennoncovers.com Manufacturer of protective coverings for general, business, and military aircraft. Shop securely online.
Lori Kensey
www.planaer.com.br Brazilian Representants an brokers of aviation parts and aircrafts in general, projects and constructs heliports and aerodromes, aircrafts Import and export proccess in Brazil
www.rotorcraft.com Test of Link Input for the final entry
Norman Helberg
www.ustool.com Manufacturer and distribitor of hand and pneumatic sheet metal tools. Specializing in riveting, drilling and sheet metal forming.
Mike Balmforth
Propellers Links(s)
http://www.balancemasters.com/ultraschem1.html ACTIVE Balancing For Props and Engines
Balance Masters
Rotor Blades Links(s)
optimization of helicopter rotor
avinash rai
Training Links(s)
www.askfirstsociety.org/ The Ask First Society is a non-profit organization dedicated to training standardization and safety in the rotorcraft industry.
Norman Helberg
www.avweb.com/toc/brain.html Test your self on these Aviation and Flying questions
Popular Rotorcraft Orginazation www.rotorcraft.com

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