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Company Name:    Vortech International, Inc.
Primary Line:         Rotor Blades(s)
Location:                Pennsylvania

Owner/President:   Jim Frese
Sales Contact:        Jim Frese
Support Contact:    Jim Frese

Address:        1800 BB Mearns Rd.
                     Warminster, Pennsylvania
                     United States, 18974


Photo on Record

8" X 13' 8H12 rotorblades
We Manufacture:
Rotor Blades(s) For Rotorcraft Component(s)
flying since June 15, 1905.

Rotor Blade Description:
A wide variety of super-high-performance, but affordable main and tail rotorblades for both helicopters and gyroplanes. The blades are formed as a single extrusion, without seams, rivets or bonding of any kind.
Rotor Blade Dimensions:
Chords: 2.75" & 3.5" For tailrotors; 4", 5.75", 7" and 8" (0012) for helicopters; and 4.75", 6.25" and 8" for gyroplanes and helicopters.

Rotor Blade Pricing:
From $150/set for tail rotorblades up to $975/set for helicopters and gyroplanes.
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