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Company Name:    Joe Souza Gyroplanes
Primary Line:         Gyro Kit(s)
Location:                California

Owner/President:   Joe Souza
Sales Contact:        Joe Souza
Support Contact:    Joe Souza

Address:        1362 Sky Harbor Drive
                     Marysville, California
                     United States, 95901

Phone:          530-741-0741

Joe Souza's full line of Bandit Gyroplanes are agile, fast and easy to fly. You will enjoy the stability and safety built right in to these unique but proven Gyro's. The Bandit is available in an UltraLight, single seat and two seat models. Check out our website for full information on all models and gyro accessories.
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Ultra Light Bandit
We Manufacture:
Gyro Kits(s) For Ultra Lite(s)
Ultra Light Bandit Notes:
Our Ultra Light Bandit stands out from the rest. Loaded with all the options, this little ship will get you in the air without a pilots license and do it with outstanding performance.
Super Bandit
Gyro Kits(s) For Single Seat(s)
Super Bandit Notes:
The Super Bandit brings the licensed private pilot a completely new experience. To fly where most fixed wings have no business being - blasting down your local river only 10 feet off the water, cruising through canyons like a top gun. This is the ultimate flight experience!
Two Place Bandit
Gyro Kits(s) For 2 Seat Side-by-Side(s)
Two Place Bandit Notes:
Our Two Place machine boasts the same thrilling experience as the Super Bandit only you get to do it all with a friend. Beyond the obvious "fun flying" you can do, cross country excursion become adventures with a point of view that can't be matched.
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