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Company Name:    Sport Copter, Inc.
Primary Line:         Gyro Kit(s)
Location:                Oregon

Owner/President:   Jim Vanek
Sales Contact:        Kelly / Beth
Support Contact:    Jim / Evan

Address:        34012 Skyway Dr.
                     Scappoose, Oregon
                     United States, 97056

Phone:          (503) 543-7000

Sport Copter is a second generation family business which started as "Vancraft" in 1958. They have an excellent history of safety and has been a "leader" in the gyro industry. Vancraft came out with the first 2 place gyro in the 60's, and now, as "Sport Copter", has obtained many awards for their new innovations.
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We Manufacture:
Gyro Kits(s) For Single Seat(s)
We estimate 51 completed models flying since October 1, 1994.
The average buildtime is 120 hrs. hours, and the average cost of ownership per year is $$15 per hr. flight time dollars.
Other engines that can be used are: Rotax 582 / Hirth 2706.
Vortex Notes:
The Vortex comes with more options than any other design built. Full flight instrumentation are available. You can fly this single-place copter out in the open, or with a partially enclosed body. As in all the new Sport Copter designs, the Vortex is equipped with new composite Cyber Seat, which encapsulates the pilot with full support all the way to the top of the helmet, and absorbent ejection-seat material. The seat and fuel tank are separate, unlike most other Gyrocopters. Our primary objective is safety. All Vortex copter's have the new Shock-Mounted Rotorhead and our high-performance suspension system (including swing-arm nosewheel suspension) all standard. The Vortex standard engine is a Rotax 582, even though, a variety of engines can be adapted, such as the Hirth 2706 or Subaru EA81, four- stroke series. Our company will work with the customer to outfit their Vortex with one of the Sport Copter engine standards, for this highly versatile airframe.
Gyro Kits(s) For Ultra Lite(s)
We estimate 41 completed models flying since May 1, 1995.
The average buildtime is 70 hrs. hours, and the average cost of ownership per year is $$10 per hr. flight time dollars.
Other engines that can be used are: Rotax 503 / Rotax 582.
Lightning Notes:
Meeting FAA specifications as an ultralight, the single-seat Lightning comes with most of the new Sport Copter components. The all- triangulated airframe is built of large diameter aluminum tubing, with a truly remarkable rough-field suspension system and the finest control system in the industry (Roto-Control patent pending). We have designed a new composite Cyber Seat to ensure unparalleled pilot comfort and crashworthiness. Flown out in the open, this is a great aircraft for low and slow flying. The new Shock-Mounted Rotorhead and Independent right / left Toe-Operated Hydraulic Disc Brakes are standard, only on Sport Copter's. The Lightning may also be upgraded to a Vortex for those with a long- term project in mind. We combined the finest engineering, components and materials to give our customers the best in geometric and aerodynamic efficiency, not only for ground and flight performance but for ease of assembly. A step-by-step video is included with the assembly manual. The instructions and components are so complete that it requires only 50-60 hours to bolt together, using basic hand tools. Weighing under 254 pounds, empty, the Lightning is categorized as an ultralight, so a pilot license is not legally necessary in the USA; however, we recommend professional flight training.
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