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Company Name:    New Horizons Components
Primary Line:         Accessories(s)
Location:                Texas

Owner/President:   Larry Neal
Sales Contact:        Larry Neal
Support Contact:    Larry Neal

Address:        PO Box 927
                     Boyd, Texas
                     United States, 76023

Phone:          940-627-9887 (cell)

940-433-2007 (message)
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Gyro Recovery System (ballistic parachute)
We Manufacture:
Accessories(s) For Rotorcraft Component(s)
Gyro Recovery System (ballistic parachute) Notes:
Gyro Recovery System uses ballistic parachute with special deployment for use on gyroplanes and small helicopters. Does NOT shoot upward thru rotorblades -- deployment turns off engine and orients rotorcraft so rotorblades no longer spin, then reorients rotorcraft for descent in upright position.
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