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Company Name:    Little Wing Autogyros
Primary Line:         Gyro Kit(s)
Location:                Arkansas

Owner/President:   Ronald Herron
Sales Contact:        Kris Irvin
Support Contact:    Ronald Herron

Address:        746 Hwy 89N
                     Mayflower, Arkansas
                     United States, 72106

Phone:          (501)470-7444

Little Wing Autogyros was established in 1995 to provide a homebuilt, tractor configured enclosed autogyro that is not prone to PIO,PPO. These aircraft have centered engine thrustlines and large horizontal tails. Construction is 4130 chromoly tubing.
Photo on Record

Photo on Record
We Manufacture:
Gyro Kits(s) For Single Seat(s)
We estimate 3 completed models flying since June 18, 1995.
The average buildtime is 800 hours, Other engines that can be used are: VW, Subaru, Rotax.
LW-3 Notes:
These machines can accomodate a tall pilot with comfort. Almost any engine can be adapted to these frames. Empty weight 300- 450 depending on powerplant selection. Gross weight: 800 lb. Cruise 65-70 mph Standard fuel: 9 gal.
Gyro Kits(s) For Single Seat(s)
We estimate 2 completed models flying since June 16, 1995.
The average buildtime is 800 hours, Other engines that can be used are: VW, Subaru EA-81, Rotax, McCulloch, 2si.
LW-2 Notes:
Same construction as LW-3. These machines are controlled in the pitch axis by conventional aircraft elevator. The ultimate in pitch authority and safety. (Modified technique required in ground handling)
Gyro Kits(s) For 2 Seat Tandem(s)
LW-3+2 Notes:
These aircraft are modified versions of the successful single-seat version. Control system is dual, Morse push-pull cables providing redundancy in the control system. Empty weight ranges from 450-520 depending on powerplant used. Gross weight: 1100 lb. Standard fuel: 13 gal. Cruise 70-75 mph
Bensen T-tail
Gyro Kits(s) For Component(s)
Bensen T-tail Notes:
Tube and fabric vertical, rudder and horizontal tail for the Bensen Gyrocopter. T-tail horizontal provides major pitch dampening and stability. Weighs same as standard Bensen wooden tail. No airframe modifications required. Price: $650
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