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Company Name:    RFI Products
Primary Line:         Engines(s)
Location:                Oklahoma

Owner/President:   Don Parham
Sales Contact:        Don Parham
Support Contact:    Don Parham

Address:        HC 67 Box 164
                     OK, Oklahoma
                     United States, 74442

Phone:          918-823-4610

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Subaru Reduction Drives
We Manufacture:
Engines(s) For Rotorcraft Component(s)
Subaru Reduction Drives Notes:
Direct drive and cog belt reduction drive units for all Subaru engines. Over 500 units manufactured in the past 10 years.
Engines(s) For 2 Seat Tandem(s)
RF-150/170 Notes:
The RF-150 is an open or partially enclosed gyroplane. The prototype has been flying for 4 years and has accumulated 400+ hours. The RF-170 is a 3-place gyro of similar construction with partial or full enclosure. It has flown briefly and exhibited good stability.
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