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Company Name:    Rotordyne Industries
Primary Line:         Rotor Blades(s)
Location:                California

Owner/President:   Rotordyne Industries
Sales Contact:        Rotordyne Industries
Support Contact:    Rotordyne Industries

Address:        1362 Sky Harbor Drive
                     Marysville, California
                     United States, 95901

Phone:          (530) 741-0741

Rotordyne has produced rotor blades in excess of 35 years and serves the helicopter and gyro community with blades and parts. We estimate 1,500+ blades over 35 years.
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We Manufacture:
Rotor Blades(s) For Rotorcraft Component(s)
We estimate 1,500+ blades over 35 years completed models flying since May 20, 1965.
Rotordyne Notes:
Typical product delivery time is 2-3 weeks.

Rotor Blade Description:
Blades are single skin construction with extruded aluminum spar. Process includes acid etching and alodine coating, heat bonding and weight matched componets. Blades are 5 point balanced and test flown. Shipped in a wooden crate.
Rotor Blade Dimensions:
10' with 8" chord 11' with 8" chord 12' with 8" chord Hub bars of 24" to 48" (balanced and alodine treated, pitch based on gyro gross wt)

Rotor Blade Pricing:
10' blades $1,100 11' blades $1,200 12' blades $1,300 Hub bars $325 to $475 (plus crating and shipping)
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