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Company Name:    AvioTecnica
Primary Line:         Helicopter Kit(s)
Location:                MANTOVA, Italy

Owner/President:   Teddi Rossi
Sales Contact:        MarcoGuido Britti
Support Contact:    Mauro Piazzoli

Address:        via IV Novembre, 63/B
                     Piubega (MN), MANTOVA
                     Italy, 46040

Phone:          039.376.655547

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We Manufacture:
Helicopter(s) For 2 Seat Side-by-Side(s)
We estimate N.D. completed models flying since January 1, 1994.
The average buildtime is 500 hours, and the average cost of ownership per year is $N.D. dollars.
Other engines that can be used are: Turboshaft FADEC 125 HP.

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