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Company Name:    Sport Copter, Inc.
Primary Line:         Rotor Blades(s)
Location:                Oregon

Owner/President:   Sport Copter
Sales Contact:        Sport Copter
Support Contact:    Sport Copter

Address:        34012 Skyway Drive
                     Scappoose, Oregon
                     United States, 97056

Phone:          503-543-7000

Thank you for giving us the opportunity to introduce you to the best designed gyroplanes, and Blades to date. The Sport Copter offers quick assembly, easy flight capabilities (for new pilots) and the best performance (World's first gyroplane to execute a full inside loop and barrel roll). Each connection point is built to last a lifetime, unlike most gyroplanes, and also are very easy to maintain. The Sport Copter, with the folding mast, fits easily in any standard garage, making it convenient to assemble, in your own work space, saving money on hangar rent.
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Sport Copter Blades
We Manufacture:
Rotor Blades(s) For Rotorcraft Component(s)
We estimate 100 + completed models flying since January 1, 1995.
Sport Copter Blades Notes:
Hub bar comes with adjustable tracking.

Rotor Blade Description:
Lightweight, all-aluminum, extruded leading edge with sheet skins. Etched and oven bonded w/the latest aerospace technology.
Rotor Blade Dimensions:
Length: 22’-25
’ 25’ standard
Chord: 7"

Rotor Blade Pricing:
$1,400 for 23’
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