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Company Name:    Waitman Helicopters, Inc.
Primary Line:         Rotor Blades(s)
Location:                Nevada

Owner/President:   Waitman
Sales Contact:        Waitman
Support Contact:    Waitman

Address:        6251 Brynhurst Drive
                     Las Vegas, Nevada
                     United States, 89115

Phone:          702-459-4590

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Waitman blades
We Manufacture:
Rotor Blades(s) For Rotorcraft Component(s)
We estimate 100 + completed models flying since January 1, 1995.
Waitman blades Notes:
Fits all Scorpion and Exec helicopters. blades undrilled for existing blade straps. Symmetrical airfoil.

Rotor Blade Description:
Composite blades for RotorWay helicopters. Aluminum spar, glass and carbon fiber, molded tip and root ends.
Rotor Blade Dimensions:
Length: 11'2", 11'8", 11'9", 9'5"
Chord: 8 in.

Rotor Blade Pricing:
$2,995 per set
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