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Company Name:    Air Command International
Primary Line:         Gyro Kit(s)
Location:                Texas

Owner/President:   Red Smith
Sales Contact:        Doug Smith
Support Contact:    Sharon

Address:        P.O. Box 1177 Caddo Mills
                     Municipal Airport Bldg. B
                     Caddo Mills, Texas
                     United States, 75135

Phone:          903-527-3335
Fax:              903-527-3805

The Commander brings you the adventure and thrill of open-cockpit flying, plus numerous features that have set Air Command Gyroplanes apart from all the rest. From the smallest component to the sleek quality finish, the Commander has set the standard in engineering, materials, workmanship and safety. We think the most important of these is safety. Unlike popular ultralights on the market today, The Commander does not need a parachute. It will not stall or spin. The Commander is stable, maneuverable and comfortable even in winds up to 40 mph. It has the capability of flying backwards, sideways, in full vertical descent, and can even hover in the right conditions. (15 mph headwind)
Photo on Record

Photo on Record
Commander Elite
We Manufacture:
Gyro Kits(s) For 2 Seat Tandem(s)

Air Command Single Place
Gyro Kits(s) For Single Seat(s)
We estimate 200+ completed models flying since January 1, 1990.
The average buildtime is 200 hours, and the average cost of ownership per year is $100 dollars.
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