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Company Name:    Rotor Flight Dynamics
Primary Line:         Rotor Blades(s)
Location:                Florida

Owner/President:   Ernie Boyette
Sales Contact:        Ernie Boyette
Support Contact:    Ernie Boyette

Address:        19242 Grange Hall Loop
                     Lithia, Florida
                     United States, 33547

Phone:          813-634-3370

We also produce the Dominator Gyro.
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Dragon Wings
We Manufacture:
Rotor Blades(s) For Rotorcraft Component(s)
We estimate 100 + completed models flying since January 1, 1995.
Dragon Wings Notes:
Extremely low-drag airfoil produces "high-lift" performance.
Approved for Air Command gyros

Rotor Blade Description:
All-aluminum, bonded, with asymmetrical airfoil.
Weight 37 lb. with hub for 22’ disk.
Now hand startable.

Rotor Blade Dimensions:
Length: 22-28’
Longer lengths available
Chord: 7 in.

Rotor Blade Pricing:
$ 1195-22’ dia.
$ 1,795 -28’ dia.
Includes hub bar
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