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Company Name:    HEECO / Hunt's Electronic Engineering Co.
Primary Line:         Avionics(s)
Location:                Kentucky

Owner/President:   Jeff Hunt
Sales Contact:        Jeff Hunt
Support Contact:    Jeff Hunt

Address:        PO Box 250
                     Brooks, Kentucky
                     United States, 40109-0250

Phone:          502-955-8728

We manufacturer the ESS (Electronic Soft Start) systems that were used on the Twinstarr rotorcrafts as an electric pre-rotator control system, and installed by Air and Space America, Inc., (Formally Farrington Aircraft) located in Paducah, Kentucky. The ESS system enables an electric pre-rotator starter motor to engage with a gentle start, smoothly increasing the rotor’s rpm until it is ready for take off. The Twinstarr rotorcraft is a heavy two place machine that utilizes a set of RAF 2000 rotor blades that total 30 feet in length, and the ESS system handles the load with the greatest of ease. ESS is the only electronic soft start pre-rotator control system on the market today and it works great! These systems are available for purchase directly from the manufacture (HEECO in Brooks, KY) for $495.00 plus $10.00 shipping expense.
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ESS (Electronic Soft Start)
We Manufacture:
Avionics(s) For Rotorcraft Component(s)
flying since June 22, 1905.
ESS (Electronic Soft Start) Notes:

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