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Title:                   Instructor
CFI Exemption:   CFI PRA 5209-F
Started Gyros:     January 20, 1950
PRA Member:      Yes , Num. Helicopter

Name:           Randy Brooks
Address:        213 Rock Creek Road
                     Yukon, Oklahoma,
                     United States, 73099

E-mail:          EAA857@Aol.Com
Phone:          1-405-354-1272
Fax:              Same

CFI-Airplane & Rotorcraft (helicopter), A&P Mechanic, and Authorized Inspector. Civilian Training Coordinator, Flight Instructor and Test Pilot, H-23, H-25, and H-34 U.S. Army 1950-1956 I am designing a autogyro (tractor type) About ready to build proof of concept. Built four amateur aircraft and one Bannck gyrocopter(1960). Presently flying a biplane built in 1996.

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