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Title:                   Instructor
CFI Exemption:   Inst. Outside USA
Started Gyros:     January 20, 1994
PRA Member:      Yes , Num. 24709 , Chapt. 0

Name:           Laszlo Boross
Address:        4 Chailey Place
                     Balga W.A,
                     Australia, 6061

Phone:          +61+8+93451468
Fax:              +61+8+93451468

I'm flying and instructing on a RAF2000GTX gyrocopter in my own Gyrocopter Flying School, the first, full time gyrocopter flying organization in Western Australia. The base is located at the Northam airstrip, 90km North-East of Perth, operating 7 days a week. Also traveling to your palce anywhere in Australia with a full equipped school- trailer. The organisation also manufacturing gyrocopters, professionally assembling factory supplied kits, modifying to Australian standards, exam and certify new build gyrocopters. I am member of the Popular Rotorcraft Association, Australian Sport Rotorcraft Association and ASRA Technical Advisor.

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