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Title:                   Instructor
CFI Exemption:   CFI PRA 5209-F
Started Gyros:     January 1, 1990
PRA Member:      Yes

Name:           William R. Ortmayer
Address:        81 Brockton Lane
                     Palm Coast, Florida,
                     United States, 32137

Phone:          904-445-5069
Fax:              904-445-5069

Train with Bill Ortmayer, CFI/Gyroplane under 5209 exemption. Signoffs for 90-day solo, can recommend for private, commercial and recreational engine ratings. FAA written exams. Ground school video $25. Train in Parsons tandem with Mazda rotary engine and 30-ft RAF blades. Intro package $350 (4 flights, ground school, tape, flight manual). Instruction $100/hour. Training by appointment only at Flagler County Airport 365 days/year, 90 minutes from Orlando, 30 minutes from Daytona Beach. Call for group rates.

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