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Title:                   Instructor
CFI Exemption:   Inst. Outside USA
Started Gyros:     January 1, 1990
PRA Member:      Yes

Name:           Jos Schepers
Address:        Dorpstraat 120, B- 9420
                     ERPE, BELGIUM

Phone:          +32 (0)53 80 53 97
Fax:              +32 (0)53 80 53 97

Gyro examinator for the French Ultralight Federation (FFPLUM). I instruct in the North of France at Vitry en Artois, 25 km south of LILLE. 2 runways of 950 meter in a nice and calm region. 9 of my students became happy and qualified gyropilots since september 1999. Training on MAGNI M16 Tandem Trainer (dual controls), SUBARU EJ22 motorized.

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