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Title:                   Instructor
CFI Exemption:   CFI PRA 5209-F
Started Gyros:     January 1, 1990
PRA Member:      Yes

Name:           Duane Hunn
Address:        P. O. Box 526
                     Knox, Indiana,
                     United States, 46534

Phone:          219-772-8072
Fax:              219-772-8072

CFI-Gyro, 5209E exemption
Ratings Held:
Commercial & CFI Gyroplane
Hours To Date: Gyroplane - 5000
Fixed Wing - 18
Aircraft Owner: Type:
RAF 2000 GTX (N654DH)
Training Offered:
Demonstration Flights, Private, Commercial, CFI, Ground Instructor, Night Checkouts, & Cross Country Dual Instruction.
Aircraft Provided - 120 per hour
Students Aircraft - 120 per hour
(includes Ground Instruction)
Student Limitations:
250lb Maximum & Must be able to reach rudders.

Experienced CFI/Gyroplane now has a home at the Starke County Airport in Knox, Indiana, servicing the five-state surrounding area. Instruction given in an RAF 2000 gyroplane, two-seat side-by-side for Private through CFI. All training meets or exceeds the FAA requirements from takeoff to cross-country and night flying. Duane Hunn is also the current president of the AskFirst Society or CFI instructors of gyroplanes.

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