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Title:                   Instructor
CFI Exemption:   CFI PRA 5209-F
Started Gyros:     January 1, 1990
PRA Member:      Yes

Name:           Russell W. Nance
Address:        213 Hickory Hill Tr.
                     Elgin, South Carolina,
                     United States, 29045

Phone:          803-206-2609
Fax:              803-699-0451

Rusty's Rotary Wings
Train with Certified Flight instructor (Rotorcraft Gyroplane and Helicopter) under PRA 5209E Exemption for gyro instruction. Ground School Available. Prep for written and practical test. Fly in Air Command Mazda Tandem gyroplane. Weight limit for training 250 lbs. Orientation flight weight 300 lbs. Air Command dealer. Discounts given for flight instruction if new Air Command kit is purchased from us.

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