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Title:                   Instructor
CFI Exemption:   Inst. Outside USA
Started Gyros:     January 1, 1990
PRA Member:      Yes

Name:           Woody de Saar
Address:        Bond Helicopters
                     North Denes Airfield
                     Great Yarmouth,
                     Germany, NR30 5TF

Phone:          00 44 1493 332 794

Belgium, England, France, Ireland, Germany
Besides being a gyroplane flight instructor for the FAA, I also hold gyroplane instructor qualifications for the French, Irish and British authorities. I am also a gyroplane designated examiner in France and Ireland. I can offer flight training towards the French license, the British license or the Irish license. Shortly I will also be authorised inspection authrity for gyroplanes and I am working on my german instructor licence as well.

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