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Buyer's Support
Whether you are just looking at the field of home built kit aircraft; beginning your search for the perfect type; making the final choices; or committing to purchase we shall be glad to assist.

Because we have built, flown, and serviced several aircraft over many years, we can help with in-depth and hands-on information.

Call or E-mail vkss for the following Safari Kit information.

Safari Specifications
Click here to check out the details of our Safari

Builder's Support

Throughout your building experience you will want knowledgeable, experienced assistance to be easily available. For all these times, from a quick e-mail or phone session to on site, hands-on work, we shall be there.

There is no cost for e-mail and telephone assistance. Our rates for physical effort on your ship is dependent upon your needs and situation, but generally shop charges run about $40/hour.

Flight Training

Professional flight training for any aircraft is essential! It's simply a matter of life or death.

Because YOU build at least 51% of YOUR Safari , the FAA classifies the ship as an "EXPERIMENTAL" aircraft. However, the required training is the same as for any student, recreational, or private pilot rating. All the requirements can be found in the FAA REGS, FAR #61".

To discuss your buying and building needs and requirements,

Email vkss

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